Martika came to our artist group “The Northland Art League” in the north area of Kansas City, MO and did a presentation with some performance.  She also gave us some of her motivation speech along with a portion of her artist bio.  We are a group of artists, hobbyists and professional and art appreciationists living in the area north of the Missouri river in Kansas City, MO.  We have monthly meetings in which we talk about our opportunities as artists and how we are going to create opportunities as artists for our group and we host artist presenters.  Martika gave an artist presentation to us recently and we all found it to be very exceptional. The performance was exciting, the talk was very motivational, open and conducive to anyone and everyone to being able to grow.  Her answers to the questions were very informative and educational.  The evening was a fun, exceptionally exciting and motivating experience.  We all loved it very much and would love to host her again.