Beautiful Personality


We saw your performance at the Missouri Fairs and Festival Convention in Columbia earlier in the year. We got a chance to talk with you one-on-one later in the day, and your personality and smile “closed the deal.” Actually booking your performance was quite easy through the email address you provided to us. 

You exceeded our expectations. You were able to work through the heat and light rain. And you stayed friendly and approachable to all of the children watching your performance, and the ones that followed you around later when you were making the giant bubbles. 

My greatest concern was that someone would say that it was too scary or too extreme for Old Shawnee Days….but no one posted or made these comments to us. I attended several of your performances to watch the crowd, and they were anxious and curious and nervous…which I think is the expected response!

You were very kind to listen to our concerns and tailor your acts to better fit the Old Shawnee Days crowds. Also, I would tell them that you have a beautiful personality that matches your beautiful smile, and you are the type of performer that we want in our festival. We plan to book her for 2018!